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Startup Weekend makes its first ever appearance in Denton on Friday, January 18th. Held at Sycamore Hall on the University of North Texas, SW is partnering with the brand spanking new Innovation Center to host an incredible 3-day experiential education. A mix of networking, learning, building things, hackathon, and some other things thrown in, the weekend begins around 6pm with pizza and networking. Following opening remarks and appearances from some very special guests, each and every person will be encouraged to get up in front of the crowd and pitch their best business idea. Popular vote will determine the best ideas that will continue through the weekend. A work day on Saturday is followed by some crunch time on Sunday with teams prepping to present to a panel of judges on Sunday evening.


On Friday night, UNT’s VP of Advancement, Michael Monticino, will welcome everyone, and introduce everyone to the new Innovation Center. Other speakers lined up are Bear Cahill, a freelance iOS developer speaking about mobile app integration with server-side technologies, Shaun Treat, a UNT professor in Communication Studies speaking about communication fundamentals for entrepreneurs from concept to implementation, Josh and Nina from Swash Labs speaking about brand management and marketing, and Ryan Jackson from Acceleron Learning discussing business development.


The speakers are also slated to serve as coaches and will have interactive Q&A sessions following their presentations.


The legendary Harold Strong from UNT’s Discovery Park, along with Jerry Browder from Abilene Christian University’s Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, and Josh Berthume from Swash Labs will be judging.


We have some sweet prizes from UNT’s Discovery Park, Swash Labs, Bear Cahill (Brainwash Inc.), and Acceleron Learning. We are also lining up some more very cool prizes. But we are still working out the details. More to come in the next few days.

Click here for more detail or register here. You won’t regret it! Stay tuned for more events coming to Dallas and Irving.

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