SW Plano – Debrief


Our first SW Plano event is now complete. It’s been a fun journey. Expanding the SW presence throughout the DFW metroplex has been a goal for some time now. The response from past events has shown that the demand is there.

This past weekend at the AT&T Foundry, and with the incredible support from Jennifer Conley from the Gravity Center, co-organizers Brad Anderson and Jared Schaffer, with a facilitator assist from Frank Denbow from NYC, welcomed over 60 people on Friday, most being newcomers to the SW scene. As always, we had many great ideas and pitches. We even had 3 high schoolers discuss their idea about improving our educational system.

On Saturday the teams worked all day to refine their idea, validating customers, adjusting strategy, whatever was necessary to forge onward to have something to present to the judges on Sunday. On Sunday, the pressure increased even further. Another work day, the clock ticking down. At 5pm the teams wrapped to get ready to present. After opening remarks, the teams got after it. BidOrz, Open Road, SeriousEd, TeachLane, KissQuest, and Quick Pass. We had one team drop off (Wine-Ohs) after discovering their idea wasn’t quite unique enough and they wouldn’t have anything to present. But they still had the courage to speak to the crowd about what they learned. It was quite the teachable moment.

After the judges deliberated, they delivered their verdict. 3rd place: SeriousEd; 2nd place: Open Road; 1st place: KissQuest. So KissQuest goes on to the worldwide Global Startup Battle and is now competing with other Startup Weekend winners across the globe. They will be submitting a video to Facebook, where you are encouraged to vote for them to help bring much needed recognition to the DFW area. But voting has not yet started. You must wait until Wednesday, November 21st. Voting closes the following Tuesday November 27th. The winner will be announced November 30th.

Check out Proxomo’s Sunday recap here. Also, we had 3 cameras capturing all the goodness. So look for the video soon.

If anyone wants to help with planning or organizing a future event, please contact Brad Anderson at bradpointa -at- gmail.com.

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So congrats to all the teams. And go KissQuest. We’ll all be rooting for you!