SW Plano teams – November 2012


Hi everyone! We kicked off our 1st SW Plano event Friday night at the AT&T Foundry. I want to thank all of our sponsors again for helping make this possible. We had nearly 70 people in attendance to watch people pitch their awesome, and sometimes crazy, ideas on Friday night. After opening remarks, Yoram Solomon spoke about ways to snap judge a business venture. Then the pitches began.

We also had some last minute pitches, inspired by what they witnessed earlier in the evening. That’s part of what this is all about. Some folks may not feel comfortable getting up in front of the crowd, or may lack confidence in their idea. But we are all one big welcoming family. Encouraging other to break out of their shell, no matter how wacky their idea may seem.

After the pitches, people mingled learning more about each other’s ideas. Then the voting process commenced to weed out the best ideas. The teams making it through Friday night were:

GEM Education (renamed to TeachLane) – informing the uninformed by creating social connections focused on learning.

Team Penny Auction (renamed to Bidorz) – penny auction site for 3rd party sites

Open Road – providing access to a unique datamart and offers business intelligence services to govt and private sector entities regarding road quality

Kiss Quest – online dating game

Wine-Oh’s – mobile app to share and discover wine information

Actucation (renamed to SeriousED) – Customized and specialized education for students

QuickPass – CRM-integrated IOS Pass creation tool

DragOn – tool to drag-and-drop files from one device to another

ZinkUz – connecting people who should be connected

Home Service Desk – multi-service concierge for the home


We appreciate all the help and support we can get. If anyone wants to help with planning or organizing a future event, please contact Brad Anderson at bradpointa -at- gmail.com.

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