Prizes and Other Offers for SW Plano


I’m sure many are wondering what the prizes are for our SW Plano event. You’re so shameless, aren’t you? What about the networking, comraderie, and relationship-building that occurs naturally throughout the weekend? And the cool things you get to build? Don’t they count for anything? Ok, for all you insufferables needing to know the prizes, here goes…

Proxomo is offering 6 months of Silver Level access. Common Desk is offering some Moon Lite membership plans. Idea Engine is putting up membership in their organizational movement, Fluid UI (Try Now! to get ahead of the game) is giving away their Expert-Level plan for their mobile app prototyping tool, and Harley Barnes Creative is tendering creating design services.

Now those are only the prizes. Here are the other offers available. Venture Docs, in an encore performance, is following up from last June’s event with online legal form generation for all teams during the weekend (and maybe more if you can persuade them by being nice). All attendees have access to Proxomo’s service. Fluid UI will have their 3-month upgraded account available to all. Tiggzi is giving away 2 months of their Pro plan mobile app builder. Car-service Uber will be making sure you arrive in style with discounted rides to and from the event (details will be sent out via email a day or two before the event). Social code sharing site GitHub will be providing a free month of their Bronze plan. MORE stuff from GitHub will be announced at the event. And finally some cool Google swag will make an appearance.

Other plans are in the works, but we can’t announce details just yet. Stay tuned.

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